Linguistic Laboratory for Speech Prosody

University  of  Illinois  at  Urbana-Champaign


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Director: Dr. Jennifer Cole

Research Focus

The goal of the Linguistic Laboratory for Speech Prosody at the University of Illinois is to understand the prosodic structure of speech and the units of prosodic encoding in human languages. Our research spans four themes:

Prosody in speech production is investigated through research on (i) the acoustic expression of prosodic structure in the pitch and temporal patterns of spoken utterances, and in the cues that signal segment identity (ii) the articulatory mechanisms that underlie prosodic effects on acoustic variation.

Prosody in speech perception is the theme underlying our work on prosody transcription. We investigate listeners’ perception of prosody in relation to properties of the linguistic context.

Variation in prosody is examined across speakers, listeners, speaking styles, and dialects.

Prosodic annotation for speech corpora. An important component of our research is the creation of prosodically annotated speech corpora that provide data for our projects and which can be shared with other researchers interested in speech prosody and the development of computer technologies for speech processing.





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