My teaching duties are divided between the Linguistics Department (25%) and the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (75%).

In Linguistics I usually teach one of the following courses:

  • Historical Linguistics: LING 410
  • Phonology I: LING 502
  • Field Methods: LING 516 (Some languages that I have examined in this class are Logooli , Aymara and Amharic)

I regularly teach the following Spanish courses:

  • Spanish Phonology: SPAN 430
  • History of the Spanish language: SPAN 434
  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics: SPAN 252
  • Practical Review of Spanish: SPAN 204

I teach two Romance Linguistics courses, which are cross-listed among several Departments:

  • Introduction to Romance Linguistics: RMLG 435
  • Seminar in Romance Linguistics: RMLG 559

I am in charge of the Basque program, which includes:

  • Beginner’s Basque: BASQ 401
  • Readings in Basque Studies: BASQ 402
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