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Downloadable slides and posters

S12. “Speech error evidence on the role of the vowel in syllable structure,” Poster presented with Erin Rusaw at the 85th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Pittsburgh. 2011, Jan. [poster.pdf]

S11. “Second-order phonotactic constraints based on speaker voice are learnable,” Poster presented with Karen Lichtman and Meryl Garrison at the Mid-Continental Workshop on Phonology, Northwestern University. 2010, Oct. [Slides.pdf]

S10. "Prosodic variation as a phonetic precursor to diacronic vowel shift," with J.I. Hualde, Y. Mo, and H. Kim. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Los Angeles, California. Feb. 2010.[Slides.pdf]

S9. "Learning constraints that oppose native phonotactics from brief experience," with E. Rusaw, Mid-Continental Workshop on Phonology, Indiana University, Oct. 2009. [Slides.pdf]

S8. "Emergent feature structures: Harmony systems in exemplar models of phonology," Indiana University Linguistics Colloquium, Sept. 2007. [Slides pdf]

S7. "Parsing Acoustic Variability as a Mechanism for Feature Abstraction," with Bob McMurray, Gary Linebaugh, and Cheyenne Munson, at the International Conference on “Where do Features Come From? Phonological Primitives in the Brain, the Mouth and the Ear,” Paris, Oct. 2007.

S6. "Complexity and perceptual factors in phonotactic learning," with Hahn Koo, 81st Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Anaheim, CA, Jan. 2007. [Slides pdf]

S5. "Converging Evidence for the Emergent Phonology of Harmony Systems,” Linguistics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences Colloquium, U Rochester. April 2006. [Slides pdf]

S4. "Intonational Distinctiveness of African American English," with E. Thomas, E Britt and E. Cogshall, NWAV 34, New York, NY, October 2005. [Slides pdf]

S3. "Evidence for a production bias in vowel harmony" Poster, 8th Conference on Laboratory Phonology, Yale University, June 2002. [Poster ppt]

S2. "Exploring the link between grammar and speech processing," Johns Hopkins University Cognitive Science Colloquium, Nov. 2000. [Slides pdf]

S1. "Is Vowel Harmony Perceptually Motivated?" Poster presentation at the Seventh Conference on Laboratory Phonology, Nijmegan, Netherlands, 2000, July

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