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Online References

ACL Anthology: A Digital Archives of Research Papers in Computational Linguistics

Speech tools On the Web

Praat: doing Phonetics by Computer
Beginner's Guide to Praat by Sidney Wood

Speech Data

Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC)


Guidelines for ToBI Labelling Conventions: A Very Experimental HTML Version
Transcribing Prosodic Structure of Spoken Utterances with ToBI (American English) <>
Cat_ToBI Training Materials (Transcription of Catalan prosody)
ToDI (Transcription of Dutch Intonation)
GToBI (German ToBI)
GRToBI (Greek ToBI)
Sp_ToBI Training Materials (Transcription of Spanish prosody)


Boston Radio News Corpus
Switchboard Corpus
ToBIWorkshop CD


Linguistic Society of America
Acoustical Society of America
IPA (International Phonetic Association)
The Linguist List
ICSA (International Speech Communication Association)
The Association for Laboratory Phonology




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